Sydney CBD Medical Centre is a MIXED BILLING practice.

All fees are billed based on the time and level of complexity of the consultations with your doctors. Medicare rebate is processed on the spot. Please register bank details with Medicare on 132 011 or MyGov.

Yes, Bulk Billing* services are available to the following services:

  • COVID vaccination.
  • Flu vaccination.
  • Chronic disease GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements – EPC referrals (if eligible every 3 months). Please check Medicare eligibility.
  • Health Assessments by your ‘usual doctor’ (once every 1-3 years if eligible). Please check Medicare eligibility.
  • Return of wound care review.

Our Fees

Individual Doctor’s billing preferences:

Dr Greg Batty

  • Bulk Billing continues to be available until further notice. Advance bookings recommended due to limited availability.
  • No walk in appointment available. 

Dr Yan Zhang

  • Consultation fee starting from $80. (please see table below)
  • Bulk billing appointment available for valid OSHC/OVC insurance card members.
  • Additional charges for IUD removals, Cervical Screening Tests, and Implanon procedures.

Dr Arun Maji

  • Consultation fee starting from $120.
  • No bulk billing appointment available except for valid OSHC/OVC insurance card members.

Dr Vinh Truong (Skin Cancer only)

  • Standard skin cancer consultation is $120. 
  • Long skin cancer consultation is $160.

Dr David Wai

  • Consultation fee starting from $80.
  • Bulk billing appointment available for valid OSHC/OVC insurance card members.
  • Bulk billing services available to his long term regular patients.
ServiceFeesMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation <15min$80$41.40$38.60
Long Consultation >15min <30min$120$80.10$39.90
Extended Consultation >30 min$240$118$122
Telephone GP Consultation (<15min)$80$41.40$38.60
Telephone GP Consultation (>15min)$120$41.40$78.60
Skin Cancer Check (<15min)$120$41.40$78.60
Skin Cancer Check (15min or more)$160$80.10$79.90
Skin Procedure cryotherapy$10 per lesionnil$10 per lesion
Skin Procedure biopsy$152$57.50$94.50
Non Malignant Excision$350$88.95$261.05
BCC/SCC Excision$460$147.35$312.65
Melanoma Excision$880$282.45$597.55
**Most skin cancer and flap proceduresCost advised by GP at initial consultation
**Minor trauma and skin repairCost advised by GP at initial consultation
Mental Health Consultation$120$78.95$41.05
Mental Health Care Plan: Standard$140$100.20$39.80
Mental Health Care Plan: Long$190$147.65$42.35
Mental Health Care Plan: Review$120$78.95$41.05
*Implanon Insertion$190$119.30$70.70
*Implanon Removal$220$146.95$73.05
*Implanon insertion + removal$270$186.15$83.85
*IUD removal (we do not provide IUD insertions)$130$63.10$66.90
*Cervical Screening Test (previously Pap Smear)$120$80.10$39.90
Iron infusion (60 min)$120$80.10$39.90
ECGExtra $40$20.25$19.75
SpirometryExtra $60$45.30$14.70
DressingsExtra from $10nilfrom $10
Ear Syringe (After Dr’s review) per earExtra $10nil$10
Cancellation or No Show
(<6 hr notice)

International Students And Visitors (OSHC/OVC)

No gap fee to most medical consultations* if you have a valid OSHC/OVC. However, all procedures will incur additional fees*.

  • OSHC – Medibank, BUPA, Allianz, NIB, AHM, CBHS
  • OVC – BUPA (Annual Limits apply for ‘Lite’ Covers), Allianz (Visitors Plus), NIB/IMAN (Budget Cover excluded)
  • All procedures will incur additional gap fees including but not limited to: Implanon Insertion/Removal ($30/$50), IUD Removal ($50), Skin Procedures (advised by GP), Iron Infusions ($60) etc.
  • Cervical Screening Tests (CSTs) are charged privately of $120.
  • Please bring your insurance card to every consultation, otherwise you will need to pay upfront on the day. 
  • If you have paid privately for your consultation (including CSTs) , an invoice can be provided for you to claim a partial reimbursement back from your insurer.

Other Charges

We will advise you the fee for any services that are not covered by Medicare/OSHC/OVC, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Recreational Scuba Diving Medical Assessments starting from $120
  • Commercial Drivers License Medical Examinations from $120
  • Pre-employment Medical Assessments from $180
  • Medical Assessments for Insurance Purposes from $180

Please provide your form to the Receptionist to receive a quote prior to making an appointment.

Please note:

  • A deposit will be charged upfront prior to your appointment with the doctor.
  • Consultation fees are per visit. Follow up visits, such as review of results are considered a separate visit.
  • Any additional services may incur additional fees (eg. ECG, Spirometry etc). This will be charged at the end of your appointment on top of the paid deposit.
  • Some pathology tests may incur additional fees. Please check fees with the pathology collector.

WorkCover/CTP Claims

Please note that for all WorkCover or CTP claims, upfront payment is required at the time of consultation, unless approved by the case manager with a claim number. You will receive a receipt to claim reimbursement from your employer/WorkCover Insurers.

2023 Workers Compensation Rates for General Practitioners

** Medipass

How does Medipass work?

A link will be sent to your phone via SMS from Medipass. Follow the link to input your credit card details and a payment hold will be created. Payment is not taken until after the consultation. As this process is via Medipass, our clinic does not hold your credit card information. If a hold is cancelled, it can take 1 – 3 business days for this to be reflected in your account depending on your bank.

What is Medipass?

Medipass is a trusted, secure, web-based system already used by over 60 private and public insurers, Commonwealth and state government workers’ compensation agencies including Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Medicare, WorkCover Queensland and Insurance and Care NSW (icare). (https://www.comcare.gov.au/)

What is a Payment Hold?

Holds, or pre-authorisations, have been a common tool used by hotels to ensure that funds are made available and can be used after a service is delivered. In Medipass, we allow you to place a hold on the client’s payment card, which is valid for up to seven days. Once a service is delivered, a Payment Hold can be easily converted to a payment for the service. 

A hold is temporary. A payment hold will not remove money from the cardholder’s account, and the cardholder will not be charged interest on the hold amount. However, cardholders will not be able to spend the funds reserved by a hold if the account reaches its limit. This also applies for debit cards linked to a bank account. A payment hold will expire 7 days after creation. If it is not converted into a charge or cancelled before then, the funds will be released. (https://help.medipass.com.au/)


2024 Flu vaccines are now available!

Free flu vaccines are available for:

  • First Nations people
  • Children less than 5 years old
  • Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
  • People aged 65 years and over
  • People with certain medical conditions that increase their risk.

For more information, please contact us.
All appointments will be bulk billed.
Private flu vaccines are priced at $25.